Closing the funding gap

At My Class Needs, our goal is to close the gap between teachers and technology in order to create inclusive and equitable classrooms for young students in Canada.

As federal and provincial funding is stretched with little extra to enhance education and align with rapid evolutions in technology, there simply isn’t enough support to go around. To bridge the gap, teachers reach into their own pockets to purchase school supplies for their students and classrooms. A survey conducted by The Canadian Teachers’ Federation shows 200,000 teachers across the country spend $90 million of their own savings to equip classrooms each year.

That’s an average personal cost of $450 per teacher.

My Class Needs’ fundraising goals and corporate giving programs work to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for students aged 4 to 18 living in publicly funded schools across Canada.

We do this because we believe today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators.

There are over five million Canadian youth in kindergarten to Grade 12 who deserve an opportunity to think – and learn – outside the box. Whether it is building a robot, planting seeds for a class garden, learning to code or using technology to make music, My Class Needs works to transform learning for youth by providing them with makerspace tools and technology to promote STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) literacy.

Linkage to Employability

According to Canadian Business, 7 of the 10 highest paying jobs in Canada are STEAM-related. In fact, a data scientist is the fastest growing job in the country among women. By experimenting and exploring with STEAM-themed classroom inventions, students will acquire new knowledge and develop a diverse set of skills. By connecting STEAM tools with Canadian classrooms, we are building the foundation to many STEAM-related careers in a global competitive digital market, preparing our students to lead in any field they desire.

This is why My Class Needs Foundation was created – to raise money to help teachers purchase equipment and materials that the government doesn’t fund and to prepare all students for the best opportunities for success.

Through fundraising, we work with teachers to implement innovative experiences and hands-on learning for students to explore and engage in becoming active global citizens. From robotics materials to 3D printers to a class hiking trip, donations to My Class Needs funds classroom wish lists that teachers and their schools otherwise couldn’t afford.

You can help us close the gap by making a charitable donation to My Class Needs.

Your donation to a classroom in need will help:

  • Provide students with innovative program resources and technology tools
  • Purchase STEAM products for the classroom
  • Collaborate with teachers to deliver quality education
  • Build interactive experiences and hands-on learning for students
  • Encourage students to engage in becoming active global citizens

To learn more about how you or your company can play an active role in close the funding gap for public schools while promoting access to an equal education for all Canadian students, please contact Nicole Beatty at

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