Project Profile: A social enterprise Beach Bar pops up in waterfront community on Lake Ontario to benefit local food security and beautification efforts

Article written by Dominik Wisniewski of Northumberland News

COBOURG — A licensed patio featuring local food and drinks attracted approximately 5,304 visitors to Cobourg Beach over 12 days.

The Courtyard Summer Series was a four-weekend event of food and drink at the beach, organized to raise funds for local community food projects and for the Town of Cobourg, to help support the maintenance and improvement of the waterfront.

For 12 days in July and August, the courtyard at the Cobourg Beach canteen was transformed into a licensed patio bringing people together to enjoy local drinks, live music, and fresh food.

The series, which was open to the public admission-free and ran for a total of 96 hours, was produced by Local Food for Local Good (LFFLG) in partnership with Lutana Inc., owners of The Market and Smor, and the Town of Cobourg.

Nicole Beatty, the executive director of LFFLG, said the idea was hatched by The Market and Smor owner, Montana Desjardins and Lucas Cleveland, and LFFLG, who wanted to see a licensed patio at the canteen.

The Market and Smor committed to the food operations and LFFLG committed to operating the bar and creating the culinary tourism experience, which is an extension of its work with Cultivate: A Festival of Food and Drink.

The Town of Cobourg was in favour of the pilot project and was in support of it in June, since one of the community’s key waterfront plan recommendations is to expand food and beverage services in the area.

beach bar final weekend poster (1)

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