Cheer Her On

I had the pleasure of speaking today at #CheerHerOn, a leadership conference organized by high school students for high school students. The focus of this initiative is to support young women in achieving their goals and in encouraging them to support one another every day, in every way. The group’s tagline: We rise by lifting others.

One of the questions I was asked to speak to was, “What is the best advice you would give to your 16-year-old self?”

This is what I shared with an auditorium full of over 100 sixteen year old girls: “I’d like to think that my sixteen year old self is still a part of me. She comes out every once in awhile. She’s no stranger to me. But if I was to have a conversation with her this is what I would share with her:

Practice grace. Give gratitude. Love yourself. Help others. Don’t rush. Enjoy this moment. Feeling lost is part of finding yourself. Ask questions. Seek answers. Use your voice. Talk about it. Break the walls down. Fall and fail. Rise up. Do what you can to CHANGE THE WORLD.

I was asked to speak today because I was told the girls found my work to be inspiring but really it was I who received inspiration today. These young women truly lifted me up.


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