The 7 Wonders of Success

A life pivot – either personal or professional – can be overwhelming.  Anxiety bearing change that challenges your comfort and convention.  Unfamiliarity and flux becomes the new norm.  This evolution in your sense of self can be unsettling.  But let me tell you  … it’s oh-so-worth-it.

Becoming an elected municipal councillor (community politician) was accelerating for me. My life did a total 180º flip – a head over heel experience that I’m still enduring and exploring one year on.

Over the past twelve months I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my goals, my abilities, and even my work ethic. It’s been a personal and professional growth spurt and I’m looking forward to the journey continuing into 2020 and beyond.

All of this got me thinking about success (and failure) and how one gets to where she’s going.  And what keeps her going for that matter.

I think it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and your work – notice and acknowledge your mistakes but don’t forget to celebrate your gifts and your goals.   It’s important to let yourself be your own ambassador and advocate sometimes – a little pat on the back (or self-hi-five) never hurt anyone.

Over the past 365 days I’ve noticed 7 important attributes integral to advancing my ambitions forward. Attributes that I would like to put out into the universe to help others walking a similar yellow brick road.  Whether it be a new career, a new commitment or a new creation I hope the following advice helps you get to where you’re going; or, motivates you to keep going.

    It’s important to both realize and accept that your life is changing. Don’t fret though, you’ve worked incredibly hard to get where you are today! Sometimes these changes can happen in the blink of an eye and sometimes they take more time. Either way embrace the change, it will allow good things to happen.
    Look around and realize that right here, right now, in this moment – this is where you’re supposed to be. Trust the process and learn to be patient with it as well.  You will fall and fail.  But you’ll also come roaring through stronger because of the humility and grace you experience along the way.
  3. LET GO.
    If something is distracting you, let it go. If something isn’t fitting into your schedule, let it go. Let go of all the expectations – things take time. Don’t rush and don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect, no one is.
    You have to make time for the unexpected! Be sure to leave time in your orbit for some wiggle room and let this wiggle room be for spontaneous things. This is space where the light seeps in – where the stardust is found.  Plan time for self-care, to perform your best you have to take care of yourself. Plan time for family and friends – these people keep you grounded and sane, make time for them to make sure those long and hard days are easier.
    Be sure to be 3 months ahead. It’s a good rule of thumb to have 3 months cost of living safely tucked away into savings for emergency situations. It’s crucial to realize and acknowledge that there can be bumps in the road on your journey. Sometimes the best thing to do is to expect the unexpected – and be prepared for it. Sometimes an invoice can be late, sometimes the whole plan will rewrite itself.  Pacing yourself helps to manage your expectations (and those of others too).  And hey, what trip ever goes according to plan?  
    The road to success is a wild ride so you might as well have some fun.  Be yourself! Enjoy your accomplishments and celebrate your milestones. You’ve made it here and you deserve to enjoy every second of it, you’ve earned it!
  7. MAD LOVE.
    Love yourself. Love your colleagues. Love your friends, family, and your clients. Most importantly though, love your job! If you love and are passionate about what you do it’s only going to make the hustle exciting and rewarding.

I hope that these 7 little wonders can help and inspire you. Whether you take 1/7 or all 7 things I only wish good things for you.

Stay grounded. Be yourself. Love your work. Embrace life.

(About the featured image: This is me on election night in my hometown of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.  I had just received the results – most votes.  One of my best girls who has had my back for over 20 years was with me.  That’s the other piece of the magic – those trusted people that help lead you towards your success.  So, the eighth wonder of success?Surround yourself with beautiful sixes.)  

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