To all my fellow grant writers …

I’m lucky to be doing good work that I truly value; in a sector that I truly admire.

International Grant Professionals Day is a day and week that is marked by the dedication and diligent work that is provided by various grant professionals. [1] This day is also dedicated to creating awareness internationally to the work and the passion done by grant professionals. This year, the day falls on the 12 March. [2]

There are many job descriptions that are used for these individuals such as administrators, consultants, managers, grant-makers, and grant proposal developers but an important trait that they all possess is their selflessness and their commitment to dedicate their lives daily to seek opportunities and implement programs to benefit the many disadvantaged people that are found within our society.

In Canada, the grant professionals work in partnership with many various charities to successfully assist the people in their respective community needs. Giving trends with grantmakers in Canada have been focused on the following three areas: Education and Research (86%), Health (78%), and Social Services (78%).[3] The other areas where the giving trends are noticed and growing at a steady pace are; development assistance, disaster, and relief organizations as well as human rights and peace programs. An integral part of being a grant professional is grant writing. This is vital to ensure that the grant proposals given to prospective funders contain information such as budget and the impact of the grant on the community and this will determine the success of the project. [4]

So join me in thanking all of my fellow grant professionals for their incredible work in making the world a better place.

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