Virtual Resource Development Specialist

Hiring a Virtual Resource Development Specialist is perfect for nonprofits and charities that don’t require a development professional on a full-time basis or don’t have an internal resource development capability.  With 15 years of experience in annual fundraising, strategic partnerships, major gifts, capital campaigns and social enterprise, my role is to help you raise funds so you can go out into the world and do good things.

The Virtual Resource Development service is ideal for organizations that require senior level strategy, marketing support, and fundraising expertise or advice. Regardless of where you are in the world, the power of technology enables me to make good things happen for your good cause anytime, anywhere.

As your Virtual Resource Development Specialist I have the ability to:


Identify key funding opportunities to advance your mission

Develop the vision and strategy to help you raise funds

Design social impact projects and programs eligible for funding

Manage the fundraising plan by coaching and advising staff, volunteers and Board members

Monitor campaign goals and financial targets

Provide advice on how to engage donors, build an online community, and apply for grants




n assemble a team of staff and suppliers for the company, if needed.